Antenna Line Sweep – DTS Certification


Course Length: 2 Days

Prerequisites:  A fundamental understanding of radio and cellular transmission principles will be useful for students taking this course. This course can be customized to meet specific system requirements.

Course Objectives:  The course covers installation, maintenance and operation of antenna systems. The class will

include extensive hands-on exercises including transmission line and antenna testing. Test equipment operation will

be customized to customer brand (customer provided) preference. The course will emphasize interpreting test

results. Certification testing is available for students attending this class.

Download Course Outline :   Antenna Line Sweep – DTS Certification

Introduction to Antennas

Antenna Test Equipment

  • Radio System Overview
  • Antenna Network Components
  • Propagation & Radio Waves
  • Why antennas work
    • Bandwidth
    • Gain
    • Beamwidth
  • Connectivity
    • Connectors
    • Transmission lines
  • Antenna Test Equipment
  • Saving results
  • Software tools
  • Calibration Standards
    • Phase Stable Cables
  • Equipment set-up
  • Initial calibration
  • When to Test
  • The Big 4 Tests

Test Interpretation

  • Results Interpretation
  • Return Loss
  • Distance-to-Fault
  • Insertion Loss
  • Measuring Antennas

Certification Testing

  • Testing Special cables
  • Testing Waveguides
  • Sectionalizing

Student Certification Testing

  • Written Test
  • Practical Test