Delivery Information

DTS strives to deliver its products and services in a timely manner.  DTS will ensure registration is completed within 24 hours when on-line courses are purchased. In most cases on-line registrations are automatic and completed within one hour.  If you are having a problem logging into the DTS learning manager, please contact us immediately at

Delivery of training seminars are subject to DTS purchasing guidelines and scheduling.  Private classes are formally scheduled upon receipt of an authorized purchase order or payment agreement.  Tentative dates are not guaranteed and are reserved on a first come, first served basis.  Travel, locations and facilities are coordinated with the end customer and subject to change.

Delivery of digital media (training manuals), training videos and other material including printed manuals and supporting instructor aids will be acted upon within 24 hours.  Digital material with direct access will be delivered within four hours, in-stock printed manuals will be shipped within three (3) business days.  The customer will be notified of special circumstances or delivery delays of any DTS digital or printed material product.