Distributed Antenna Systems

Course Length: 2 Days

Prerequisites:  NONE. A general technical radio background is suggested but not required. This course is available on-line as a primer for this training.

Course Objectives:  The course introduces Distributed Antenna Systems for in-building and stadium use. Students completing this course will better understand the components required to install DAS. Subjects include site and regulatory planning, DAS engineering, installation and testing. Student exercises demonstrating critical design and decision points are included.

Download Course Outline :  Distributed Antenna Systems

Distributed Antenna Systems – DAS

Making DAS Decisions

DAS Design Elements

  • What is a DAS
  • The current role
  • 4G and future needs
  • Scope and first steps
  • Site surveys
  • Site or building planning
  • Permissions
  • Access and permits
  • Coverage requirements
  • Radio environment – obstructions
  • Mechanical issues
  • Building site maps
  • Use of fiber and coaxial cables

Equipment Planning

DAS Installation

DAS Testing

  • Fiber equipment
  • Donor antennas
  • Repeaters and BDA
  • Distribution antennas
  • Coupling devices
  • Transmission lines and hardware
  • In-door antennas
  • Coaxial systems and cables
  • Amplifiers, repeaters, couplers, splitters, antennas
  • System configuration – provisioning
  • Antenna line sweep testing
  • PIM Testing
  • Coverage surveys
  • As-built documentation