DTS On-line policy

Completion of on-line Training Courses and Issuing Certificates

Dover Telecommunication Services, Inc (DTS) strives to provide on-line training in several subject categories, some of which require certification for job related tasks and operations, such as safety training. In order to comply with OSHA, FCC, and other agency regulations, DTS is required to ensure students taking our course complete the course, take the review quiz or exam at the conclusion, record a passing grade on the DTS Learning Manager system (LMS). Therefore, certification of completion and associated certificates will be issued:

  • Upon completion of the training course and recorded in LMS.
  • DTS and their partners will not issue a certificate if the student has logged in one or more times and does not show a completion on the LMS.
  • We will try in every way to ensure there is not a problem associated with the student registration of log-in. Please contact us via help@winsnet.com.
  • We will refund and suspend the account of any student or company who we feel is abusing the system, trying to gain certification by fraudulent means, or is unhappy with the DTS LMS and any course attempted.
  • We will not give a refund to students who completed a DTS course, but either did not take the test or failed the test, one or more times.
  • DTS will immediately suspend the account of any individual or company; who in our view is either attempting to create a false enrollment, completion, or is attempting to copy and receive multiple certificates from a single registration.

If you have speech, hearing, or other disabilities requiring special needs including language comprehension, please contact us. We are here to help students achieve success via our on-line training services and will gladly assist anyone who is experiencing difficulties.