Fiber to the Antenna – Certification 

Course Length:  2 Day

Prerequisites:  None.  However, a fundamental understanding of wireless infrastructure construction and testing will be useful for students taking this course. This course can be customized or combined to meet specific system requirements.

Course Objectives:  This course is for site integrators, contractors and construction companies

who install fiber optic cables at wireless and cellular facilities. The student will learn how to prepare

and install pre-made fiber cable assemblies on the tower; how to test the fiber after installation

and how to identify problems during and after installation. The course will cover basic fiber safety

and optical transmission theory. Core concepts such as fiber optic cable types, modes,

construction, installation and maintenance and testing are covered as well. Much of the course is

hands-on with a focus on the carrier Method of Procedure (MOP).  Certification testing available.

Download Course Outline :  Fiber to the Antenna

Optical Basics

  • Background and Industry
  • Fiber and 4G
  • Multi-mode vs. single mode
  • Light wave transmission-spectrum
  • Cable Colors & Types

Fiber Optic Safety

  • Light Sources – Laser & LED
  • Dangers of light transmission
  • Dispose of fiber optic cables


  • Connectors – SC & LC
  • Cable Tests
  • Pulling Cables

Making connections

  • Bulk head connectors
  • Fiber distribution panels
  • Cleaning and Inspections
  • Dry and wet cleaning

Fiber Test Equipment

  • Power sources
  • Power meters – RX
  • Visible light sources
  • Fiber scopes

Testing – MOP

  • Top of tower tests
  • Bottom of tower tests
  • Recording results
  • Final installations