Radio Interference & Mitigation

Course Length: 2 Days

Prerequisites:  A fundamental understanding of RF transmission principles and signal propagation is helpful but not required.

Course Objectives:  This course is for anyone who is involved with interference hunting in radio services. It will provide theoretical and practical fundamentals needed to effectively identify and locate radio frequency interference issues in any band or network. It begins with an overview of basic RF principles, interference types, Intermofulation and Passive Intermodulation. Additionally, there is a section on radio filters, their design, types and uses. Practical applications include interference hunting tools, spectrum analyzers and drive test tools. Methods of radiolocation (direction finding) and signal analysis will be demonstrated using live signal sources and hands-on exercises.

Download Course Outline:  Radio Interference & Mitigation

General RF Principles

  • Frequency / wavelength
  • Power / attenuation
  • Measurement units
  • RF bandwidth
  • Noise (including noise floor)

Radio Interference Types

  • What defines interference
  • Common interference types
  • Identification and general mitigation
  • Radio components and their roles
  • Receiver Sensitivity and desense


  • Intermodulation defined
  • Internal vs. external
  • Passive Intermodulation – PIM
  • Reflections / multipath

Antenna filters

  • Antenna systems review
  • Filter construction and types
  • Duplexers and combiners
  • Using filters to mitigate interference

Test Equipment Spectrum Analyzers – SE

  • Spectrum Analyzers and Monitors
  • Selecting antennas to work with SA
  • Interpreting results
  • Using spectragrams and waterfalls
  • Documenting interference

Finding Interference – SE

  • What is direction finding?
  • Uses of direction finding antennas
  • Manual mapping / triangulation

Interpreting Results – SE

  • Understanding spectrum displays
  • Using markers and thresholds
  • Documenting results
  • Use of Databases to identify interference