Antenna Testing for Site Managers

Course Length:  1- 2 Days – often combined with Fiber

Prerequisites:  A fundamental understanding of wireless, Distributed Antennas, and radio networks will be useful for students taking this course. This course is customized to meet specific system requirements; and can be modified as appropriate.

Course Objectives:  The course will provide critical test and reporting standards for Project and Construction

Managers along with employees who work with wireless integrators and venue owners. This course is geared toward

proper testing and reporting procedures, following industry accepted Methods and Procedures (MOPS). The course is

designed to be approximately 30% hands-on; including conducting tests, creating reports and evaluating results.

Download Course Outline :  Antenna Testing for Site Managers

Introduction – Review as needed

  • Wireless network system overview
  • Passive Intermodulation – PIM
  • Antenna I & M practices
  • Coverage considerations
  • Coax vs. Fiber Cable
  • Method and procedures – MOP

Antenna Test Equipment

  • Common test equipment
    • Line Sweep
    • Passive Intermodulation – PIM
    • Spectrum Analysis
  • Software tools
  • Equipment set-up
  • When to test – sequence
  • Conducting tests – processes

Test Interpretation – Line Sweep

  • Results Interpretation – overview
    • Return Loss
    • Distance-to-Fault
    • Insertion Loss
    • Measuring Antennas
  • Hands-on exercises

PIM Testing

  • Equipment set-up
  • Two tone fixed PIM
  • Distance to PIM
  • Test Labels – locations
  • Saving test results
  • Creating reports

Reporting and Close-out – Coaxial Cable

  • Carrier requirements
  • Certifications and training
  • Understanding reporting results
  • Re-testing or additional testing