Wireless Internet Design and Troubleshooting

Course Length:  3 Day

Prerequisites:  None

Course Objectives:   This class is all about wireless internet services using radio. The course will include an overview of RF and radio waves, antenna systems including propagation loss and antenna gain. There will also be a discussion on regulation and unlicensed vs. licensed systems. The course will then focus on deploying wireless internet, in both the Wi-Fi, 802.11 and the Wi-Max, 806.16 environments. This class is primarily a radio class for those deploying and maintaining wireless networks. Internetworking (IP) and the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) will be covered. Where applicable vendor equipment can be used and discussed, however this class is not designed to replace an equipment vendor class and will serve as a great pre-requisite for such a class.  This is a custom course tailored to the customer’s specific needs, call for quotation.